Shay..Modern Child Doll

Australian Handmade Porcelain Doll...Modern Child Doll, handmade and signed by myself.

She is a beautiful child doll depicting an innocent quality with exceptional features and charm.

She wears knickers or pantiloons and a petticoat with lace lower than the dress, like in the olden days which acted as a dust ruffle.

The dress is an under blouse that is sewn directly to the skirt.

The material used is a good quality silk (satin) in a cream and edged in black and the same for the jacket.

It is pintucked over by 0.25 of an inch to give the skirt a nice flounce as she is seated.

The matching jacket has three lines of pintucking trimmed with black bias and ribbon with cuffs at the end of the sleeves.

The jacket has black buttons down the front.

The doll's head, shoulder plate, hands (to elbow) and long shaped legs are fired in French Bisque.

The face is handpainted and fired many times to get the real look about her.

The hair is a strawberry blonde wig combed up as would a mother to her child.

Shay is wearing black painted shoes and white socks.

The body is supported by jointed armature secured to the limbs, arms and head, this allows the doll to be positioned into many poses.

The dolls eyes are amber brown.

Size: 82cm (32")

Price: AU$550

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