Sugar Britches

Sugar Britches

Sugar Britches Australian Handmade Porcelain Doll..Modern Baby Doll.

She wears a long gown in cream crushed satin with lace inserts, long panel down the front, curved pintucking, with a pattern stitched in between and lace cape drapes over the sleeves sewn in at the front on each side.

The bottom of the dress has a long frill in the cream material and a large lace frill on top.

The material is wash and wear crushed satin. This dress will fit a newborn (to 6 months) baby.

She wears long pantaloons, petticoat, a hat to match the frock in the same material. Her bootees are made to match the outfit.

Her hair is blonde and her features very soft, just like a baby.


Size: 48cm (19")

Price: AU$300 (doll only)

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