Portrait Baby Doll

Australian Handmade Porcelain Doll..... Modern Baby Doll


A collectable heirloom Doll....


Australian Handmade,Handpainted Porcelain doll, portrait of a baby. A collectable Heirloom.....She has dark black hair, olive complexion and dark eyes (hand painted). She is dressed in voile heirloom dress, embroidery is digitised Swiss lace, sewn with a modern embroidery machine, an heirloom design with wide brimmed hat matching her dress. Her undergarments include a petticoat and pantaloons. She is wearing crochet silk bootees. This is a portraiture doll made to look like a child.

This doll has porcelain head, legs and arms, her body is cloth filled with pellets.

Size: 48cm (19")

Price: AU$250

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