RD Moline II

RD Moline II

Marked R5/0D was one of the more beautiful and interesting dolls. The French firm of Rabery & Delphieu, produced dolls 1856-1925. Jean Delphieu was succeeded by his son-in-law, Alexander Rabery, in 1874 which reached award winning levels during 1880-1890. The success came after Rabery & Delphieu stated producing their own heads rather than continuing to purchase bisque heads from Francois Gaultier firms merged with SFBJ.

The body is made of rubber composition and is treated in paverpol.

Her pantaloons is made of white cotton batiste and embroidered on front leg panels. It opens at the front with a pearl button are made in cotton batiste.

She wears French pointed cream shoes, bow on front, tied with a fine ribbon, and white lace socks.

Her chemise is made white cotton flannel with hand crocheted lace all around. Her petticoat is three quarter length in white batiste.

Her outfit is a natural silk material in the three quarter French style, in dusty pink. A Jabot is at the front sewn into the neck. It is embroidered with flowers and edged with coffee colour cotton lace. The sleeves are decorated with the same lace and matching fine ribbon is encased in to allow the length you choose. The skirt is pleated and edged with lace. I have also put the extra lace on as a belt tied at the front with a bow under the Jabot. The top of the dress is lined.

Her hat is in the same material matching her dress framed with coffee cotton lace with the same coloured ribbon to tie up at the neck edge. All these dolls have hats to protect the hair,as they did many years ago.

Size: 28cm (11")

Price: AU$356

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RD Moline II RD Moline II RD Moline II