Steiner Kahli

Steiner Kahlie Marked: Paris, Le Parisien A19. Precious bebe 1890 by JN Steiner.

Her body is composition which is slightly larger than porcelain. It is treated with a strong acrylic primer like paverpol to protect it from deterioration in extreme weather.

Her eyes are brown with dark brown hair and eyebrows painted to match like the original dolls of the time. Lashes are straight lined in black, red dot at corners, nose and French painted lips. A soft complexion in French tradition.

Hair is real mohair and set in ringlet curls with a pretty French Bonnet to match the dress.

Her French pointed shoes are cream with knitted socks to match.

Her pantaloons in white batiste with an opening at the front buttoned up. Her Chemise which is an old time singlet is in cotton flannel edged with crocheted lace. Her Petticoat is in white cotton Batiste.

French Style dress is in apricot silk with a front panel with embroidered see through voile, edged with flower edging and cotton lace. Her sleeves are long pulled in a casing with fine ribbon. The bottom of the dress is finished off in a dust ruffle-lace. The dress is mid-drift length as many of the French dolls wore or should I say the French children of the times.

Very pretty looking doll by Steiner. Her hat is treated for the time length of keeping her hair in tact.

Size: 29-30cm (11.5")

Price: AU$356

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