Jumeau Lyric

Jumeau Lyric

Precious Jumeau Bebe. Marked: Depose Tete Jumeau, Bte SGDG. Pierced ears.

The body is made of porcelain to fit size of head.

The eyes are 8mm blue. Her hair is Strawberry Blonde in a Mohair wig and set in ringlets.

She wears white leather french shoes,lace socks and pantaloons with open front buttoned up with a pearl.

Her chemise (singlet) is in cotton flannelette and on the neckline is embroided with bullion roses.

The petticoat is also embroidered with a bullion lace rose, in a three quarter length fashion style gathered below the waist.

Her dress is Gold Dupont silk with cotton lace and pearls embellished on the front and front yoke.

The dress is three quarter length, on the hips, gathered-in with a few rows of stitching.

The sleeves are gathered with a cording, no elastic. A gold Bow sash is tied around as a belt finishing in a front bow with pearls embellished to hold it onto the dress.

The dress is buttoned up at the back, so that you can take off her clothes to gently wash.

The dress is lined in cotton, for strength and agility.

Her dressmaking is made as authentic as possible of that era. The main seams are machined together and the rest handstitched.

She is adorned by a Hat to set off her dress and also to protect her hair.

It is a good idea spray to treat the hair to ward off moths eggs in humid temperatures to protect the hair for a long life.

Size: 28cm (11")

Price: AU$356

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Jumeau Lyric Jumeau Lyric Jumeau Lyric Jumeau Lyric