Bru Shandele

Bru Shandele

Marked Bru Jne 11. Pierced ears

Her Body is composition treated with Paverpol strong medium of today to protect the surface from deteriorating in all types of extreme weather.

Pantaloons are opened at the front and buttoned up with a pearl. It is made in white Batiste embroidered on the knees.

Her chemise is in cotton flannel embroidered at neck, and edged in crocheted silk looking like lace. Her petticoat is in white cotton batiste, edged with cotton fine lace and embroidered at the neck. It is waisted edged with lace. It is buttoned up at the back easy to take off and wash, as all her clothing is.

Her shoes are black French shoes with black crocheted socks to match.

Her hair is Medium Ash Blond Mohair set in ringlets, her eyebrows match her hair coloring. Her eyes are brown, lashes are black finely done with a black rim. Red nose dots, eye dots French lips. Her cheeks are softly blushed and her complexion is fair.

She has handmade black boots with buttons of black pearls on side of boots and black crocheted socks.

Her dress is very ornate. It is in aqua green Dupont silk edged and embellished with cotton laces.

Size: 28cm (11")

Price: AU$356 (doll only)

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