AT Redhead Silver

Beloved AT Thuillier. Marked: A3T. Pierced ears.

The body is made in porcelain.Her eyes are 8mm Blue setting off her blue silk Dupont French dress beautifully. Embroidered like lace going down the front of the frock with lace sewn on either side. French three quarter dress pleated like knife pleats edged at the bottom with the same lace. Sleeves are corded with ribbon tied with a bow to pull it in. (No elastic)

She wears white French shoes and white handmade crocheted socks.

Her pantaloons are buttoned at the front. Three rows of pintucking and embroidered flowers.

She wears a chemise of the times Old days singlet. A petticoat three quarters length and gathered at the bottom, edged with cotton lace.

Her Hair is red or strawberry blond mohair, set and styled in ringlets.

Her hat is tiered and wired in rows, like a French bonnet in blue Dupont to match her dress. Her ears are pierced.

The same for all the dolls with Mohair, the hats are made for protection of the hair and it a good idea to treat the hat so the hair is protected from moths eggs in humid temperatures to protect the hair for a long life!

Size: 28cm (11")

Price: AU$356

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