Boudoir Doll Nikki

She is handmade in doeskin fibre her eyes and lips are painted.

Her nose is needle sculptured and moulded to stand out.

She wears eye shadow for a sultry look and she has eye lids, for a more realistic look.

Her head moves on the handmade shoulder plate.

On the edge of the shoulder plate are needle sculptured breasts which are sewn onto a shapely torso (Body).

The arms and legs are sewn onto the body, supporting her nicely as she sits.

Her fingers are meticulously sculptured. Her wig is Natural mohair dyed and felted into her head .

She is dressed in a purple quilt like pattern. Motifs and beads are stitched on, also bead like embellishments adorn her along with a mauve rose on her bodice.

Her dress is frilled with black netting. Her underwear is part of her bodice as a camisole in dusty pink velveteen.

Her shoes are part of her legs and painted to match her outfit with ankle straps, sprinkled with glitter on the wet paint a matching bow is sewn on the front.

She wears a beaded adornment on one side of her face on her ears and a hat with matching rose.

Feathers and black netting also on her hat match her bottom skirt frill.

She is the second creation of a fabric boudoir doll I have made .

Size: 75cm (30")

Price: AU$180

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